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Bill Cobbs Is Turning 88 Today, So Let's See How Many Of These 88 Things You've Seen Him In

Bill Cobbs has 88 years under his belt, but how many of these 88 films and shows do you have under yours?

The legendary actor Bill Cobbs has appeared in almost 200 projects over the course of his career. Most recently, he's appearing as everyone's favorite Uncle Jim in the film Block Party, which landed on BET+ today, June 16 — and it also just so happens to be Cobbs' 88th birthday!

bill cobbs

To celebrate both Block Party and Bill Cobbs, tell us how many of his films and TV shows you've seen of the 88 listed below!

If you haven't had a chance to see Block Party yet, be sure to sign up for BET+ and check it out, or check for tickets in theaters here! Here's the official trailer:

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