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The Stages Of Writing A Novel

It's a lot of hard work.

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1. One day it happens. One day, out of the blue, you get an idea & think, "Hm, this would make an excellent novel!"


2. So you find the perfect notebook, a good pen, & sit down to begin your story.

3. You start with jotting down all the important details & creating character sketches so you don't forget anything or lose track of things.


4. Then comes beginning the actual novel.


5. Some days, the words come to you easily...


6. ...While other days, writer's block fries your brain.


7. On your better days, your confidence is through the roof.

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8. And other days, you know what you're writing is a load of garbage.


9. Sometimes, you spend hours working hard...Only to realize you've barely made any progress.


10. Writing starts to feel more like work than something you enjoy doing.

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Remember when writing used to be your passion?

11. And it becomes much too easy to become distracted.

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12. You often need to be reminded that you've lost focus & need to get back on track.

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13. So you find your zen place & get back to business.


14. You learn that sometimes taking a break from writing to recharge yourself gets the juices flowing better than ever.


15. You come across a point where no matter how hard you try & how many dictionaries & thesauruses you use, you cannot for the life of you find the right word to use in a sentence.


16. And honestly, sometimes you just need an extra little something to push you through the lows.

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17. You start to take the role of a writer a little too seriously.

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18. Even if your novel is as different from your real life as possible, your experiences have a habit of affecting what you write.

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Just got your heart broken? Goodbye to any romance in the novel.

19. When people tell you that you can't spend all your time inside with your notebook or your computer, you get defensive.

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20. When you finish writing a major event in the novel & feel good about it...


21. ...Only to reread it & realize you messed up. Big time.

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22. You feel powerful being in control of the fate of an entire world of characters.


23. And you start to realize that some of these characters mean more to you than a lot of the people in your life.


After all, you did create them, & they've been there for you when no one else has. They're more or less the friends that you have molded to your perfect ideals.

24. Speaking of characters...You hate when people you know ask if they're a character in your book, or if you could base one on them.


25. And if you DO base a character off of someone you know, you try to avoid telling them & do everything you can not to make it obvious.

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Otherwise it could create conflict & hurt feelings.

26. Inevitably, you'll experience many more bouts of writer's block throughout the process of writing your novel.


27. But eventually, the day will come when you write the last word & finish it.

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The excitement is real.

28. Of course, then you realize you still have to go back & edit it, because as happy as you are the novel is nowhere near polished enough to be considered truly finished.

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Well shit.

29. Once you've edited it as much as it can be (because let's be honest, a writer never feels his or her work is truly finished), you feel as if you've just carried the ring to Mordor.


30. And then there's the matter of finding potential publishers to submit your manuscript to.


31. Which means having to finally let someone other than yourself read the novel.

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It's terrifying, it really is.

32. But at the end of the day, you couldn't be more proud of all the hard work you've done & the story that it has produced.

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Because writing truly is a rewarding experience, & you can't wait to start the next novel.

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