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"Parks And Recreation" Webisode Offers Scintillating Debate With The Hapley Group

Ya' heard, Perd? BuzzFeed has a first look at the new Parks and Rec webisode, which revolves around Pawnee's favorite news anchor and most notable pundits.

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NBC has given BuzzFeed a first look at the new Parks and Recreation webisode, "The Hapley Group," which looks at Pawnee's (very) late-night cable access news magazine program of the same name.

Airing from 2:45 to 6:15 a.m., The Hapley Group has local newscaster Perd Hapley (Jay Jackson) welcoming some of Pawnee's most recklessly opinionated pundits — including Pawnee Today's Joan Callamezzo (Mo Collins), Crazy Ira (Matt Besser), The Douche (Nick Kroll), and a new character, conservative firebrand Mike Patterson (Seth Morris) of Eagleton Now — as they discuss the hot topics of the day. In this case, these titans of thought debate a ban on public smoking, the Olympics, and Obamacare.


You can watch BuzzFeed's first look at Parks and Recreation's "The Hapley Group" below.

Parks and Recreation airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on NBC. New episodes return on Feb. 27.