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11 Teams That Will Take Part In Every Season Of The Amazing Race

Countless countries across the word, thousands of miles, nail-biting detours, a million dollars... and all the stereotypical teams that have dominated the show for 29 seasons. Expect them to be hated.

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1. The Bros

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These boys, who most definitely met in a fraternity, will come all guns blazing. They are loud, boisterous and not afraid to making their own winning prediction.

2. The Girls

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They are almost always 'cheerleaders' or 'NFL dancers' and giving into stereotypes - will most likely coordinate with bright pink ensembles. Other teams will form alliances with them because they will be easy to beat in a footrace.

3. The Cocky Ones

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'I'm not here to make friends. I'm here for a million dollars.' This team's strong mind - and equally strong physiques - will make them a U-Turn target. Expect them to get far in the game before enduring a humiliating elimination.

4. The outrageously attractive ones

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This team - whether a couple, friends, siblings - will know fully well that their looks will be their saving grace. They won't be strong in other areas. They'll be gone mid-season.

5. The Old Ones

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These loving grandparents will be well loved by the other teams thanks to their sweet and caring nature. They will shock everyone by gliding through a few legs before enduring a heart-breaking elimination.

6. The Inexperienced Ones

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This team will be from a remote town in rural America. Or a team that has never travelled before. Their confusion of airports, public transport and languages will cost them the game.

7. The Well Travelled Team

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This is the team that will have already crossed off many countries on their bucket-list and will want to race because, well just because they can. Oh and they will speak about eight different languages - giving them the leg up in many episodes.

8. The Emotional Ones

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There will always be one team where someone WILL NOT STOP CRYING. And the other other person doesn't really make it that much easier for them to stop. They will become the laughing stock of the race.

9. The Nagging Couple

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These couples fall into two categories. Either the 'make it or break it' couple who will utilise the race to see where their relationship stands (bad idea if you ask me). Or it will be a couple who have been together for yeas and know nothing else than to just nag. And nag. And nag.

10. The Careless Ones

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They will always get on the wrong overnight coach, miss the clue box when it's right infront of them, not read the clue and go in the completely wrong direction. Somehow they will manage to pull through a bunch of legs before their mistakes end up costing them.

11. The Underdogs

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This is the team that no one thought would pose a threat. They fly under the radar and end up in the final three. And in some incredibly praise-worthy season finales, even end up winning the race after the other two strong teams make a fatal error. They give us all hope.

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