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The 10 Best Locations In “Parks And Recreation”

Because there are so many special places in Pawnee, Indiana

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Pawnee, Indiana, is without doubt one of the best TV comedy settings in history and holds a special place in my heart. If it was a real place, I would already have been there. It’s full of incredible and fascinating places. Here’s a look at the best locations in Parks and Rec:

1. Parks Department


This was an obvious one, right? So let’s just go straight into it. The Parks Department at City Hall is the show’s hub. It’s where the group spend most of their time and it’s where most of them became friends. The Parks Department is, obviously, the setting for loads of memorable moments and is also the emotional final location for the show.

2. The Pit


There was never a dull moment at The Pit behind Ann’s house, before it was filled in. It brought Ann and Leslie together, it was Andy’s home for a little while and there were some hilarious falls there too (Leslie, you win that one).

3. Tom’s Bistro


This was a late addition to Pawnee and was introduced late in season six, but it quickly became a hub for the city and a hotspot. Lots of fun and pivotal moments in Parks and Rec history happened at Tom’s Bistro and it finally gave Tom the success he deserved. Well, for a little while anyway…

4. Pawnee Today


Joan Callamezzo is without doubt one of the most iconic characters in Parks and Rec. She’s legendary in Pawnee and so is the Pawnee Today set. Her slow demise in later seasons makes scenes at the location hilarious to watch and the setting has seen a huge amount of drama.

5. The Harvest Festival


The revival of the Harvest Festival was a major storyline in season three and brought the entire town together. It was a huge boost for the area and proved to be one of the most memorable episodes. The festival was spread around town but the main action was where the amusements and maze were.

6. JJ’s Diner


It’s the place to go for breakfast food in Pawnee. As you’d expect with Leslie’s obsession with waffles, JJ’s Diner is a frequent location on Parks and Rec – especially in the early seasons. It’s a welcoming, friendly place and is where all of the city’s major players hang out.

7. Andy and April’s house


I mainly chose this setting because 1) it was a state when Ben moved in, 2) it was Champion the dog’s home too and 3) it’s where April and Andy got married – one of the strangest but sweetest (in typical April way) episodes in Parks and Rec history.

8. Pawnee Hospital


This is where Ann worked for most of her time in the show, although she didn’t actually spend much time there (suspiciously). The hospital isn’t a major feature but some hilarious scenes have taken place there due to character injuries and incidents.

9. London


I always loved the Parks and Rec characters taking to a different location and London was probably the best of them (although I might be a little biased). Ron wasn’t particularly impressed, but the rest were as they soaked in the sights and visited famous landmarks, like Buckingham Palace (or Hogwarts, according to Andy).

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