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20 Ways To Actually Save Money

On a tight budget.

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1. Eat before you go shopping.

If you're going grocery shopping, you might end up with way more snacks than you intended to in the first place. If you're just going to the mall, you might get hungry and buy all sort of snacks to eat while you shop, and that can be both unhealthy and a waste of money.

3. Check the bargain bins.

The products at the bargain bins are usually nearing their expiry dates. Buy things that you actually need right now so that you can use them before they go bad. Just don't get any fresh meat from the bargain bins.

4. Store things away in the fridge.

Freshly baked bread tend to go bad really quickly, but I always can't finish them in time. Instead of letting the mold get to them, store them in the fridge. It lasts wayy longer that way.

5. Pack your lunch to work.

Packing lunch is really simple. While you're making dinner, make more than what you really need, and pack the leftovers for lunch. And don't be peer-pressured into going out for lunch everyday- just accept the invitations once in a while

6. Stick to the 30-day rule.

If you really want something but it's way out of your budget range for now, only allow yourself to buy them if you still want it really bad even after a few months. Stick to the 30-day rule- if you want something bad enough, you'll remember it even after a month. For bigger purchases, you can extend it to a few months.

7. Bring a bottle of water everywhere you go.

Bringing your own beverage when you're going out can not only save your wallet, but also save the environment. Instead of buying expensive beverages when you're thirsty, just bring your own water. Trust me, it saves you a lot.

9. Use cash instead of credit cards.

Cut down on your credit cards. Maybe use one that gives you freebies for using their credit card, but try to use more cash. Handing over a crisp bill hurts way more than just swiping your card and not being fully-conscious of how much you're really spending.

10. Plan your expenses.

Save your money before you spend them. Keep track of your expenses, and divide your salary into a few categories. Plan and leave only a small amount to spend on your personal desires, and stick to your budget. It may sound easy- but trust me, sticking to your budget is harder than it sounds.

11. Plan your shopping trips.

Plan thoroughly before you go shopping. Whether it be grocery shopping or any other shopping, list them down on a piece of paper or in your phone, and stick to your list. Only spend on the things that you actually need, and not impulse purchases. Something that you desperately want right now may not be something that you'll even think of in the future.

12. Save your change.

I know, I know. You probably see this on every other 'how to save money' posts, but it's only being repeated because it really works. Here's a simple way of really getting yourself to save your change- determine an amount of money that you want to save for this week, and try your best to save up to that exact amount. Just keep this in mind- every penny can add up to a huge amount, so save them up.

13. Have no-spend days.

Have a no-spend day with your friends or your spouse. Having someone else doing it with you really motivates you a lot more, and you may even feel a tiny bit of competitiveness. Have a no-spend day once a week, and you'll see a big difference in your bank account. However, you can also do it by yourself. Just remember- if you do cheat, you're lying to no one but yourself.

14. Spend and plan your meals wisely.

Eat less meat. Meat is expensive, and you can also take the chance to be healthier by eating more vegies. Here's what to stop buying if you want to save up- red meat, processed meat like hot dogs and nuggets, treats (unless its on clearance), soda and juices.

15. Spend less on clothes.

Ladies- we all know that we love shopping for clothes, but that's got to be cut down if you want to save money. You can try this- only allow yourself to go clothes-shopping every six months, that way, you'll significantly save more when you don't buy clothes on impulse. If you really can't hold back your fashionista sense, just restrict yourself more in other categories.

16. Stray away from cinemas.

I'm not saying to be anti-social, just cut down on the nights out. Popcorn and drinks are ridiculously overpriced in cinemas, and you can watch them at a far cheaper price online or using a program like NetFlix.

17. Don't order drinks.

The price of a glass of juice or soda can be ridiculously expensive at a restaurant, so stop ordering them. Much like the previous tip, bring your own water whenever you're out. That really does save a whole lot.

18. Buy hand-me-downs.

I'm talking about thrifting, and buying second-hand products. Of course, you have to be careful while buying these, and do a research on them thoroughly if you're buying second-hand electronics or cars. But usually, second-hand clothes and products aren't spoiled or in bad condition- the owners just think that they're out-of-date.

19. Cut down on the decor.

I get it, I get it. You want to be all festive for festivities, but can your bank account afford it? Probably not. Instead of spending money on decorations that you will only use once or twice, save them for better use. You can splurge a little on decorations if you want, but maybe try not to decorate your entire house with decorations. They're only there to look nice and gather dust, and you'll not only see damage in your wallet, but also have to clean the decorations up.

20. Shop when there's a sale.

This might sound obvious, but shop around year-end when there's a year-end sale. You usually get amazing deals during this time of the year rather than usual sales that only save you a tiny, tiny bit. Shops usually have a sale going on when there's festivities involved, but just remember that roses are stupidly expensive on Valentine's Day, so you might wanna buy them wayy beforehand to woo your girl.

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