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    These People Have More Fun Grocery Shopping Than You’ve Ever Had Doing Anything

    Never before has my motivation to buy food and cook it been so high.

    This past weekend, three dancers, Brandon Harrison‎, Daniel Girón, and Tracey Wong went HAM in the grocery store, voguing their asses off and reminding us all that we are doing this grocery shopping thing all wrong:

    Brandon Harrison / Via Facebook: video.php

    "Gimme that, gimme that, gimme that Jell-O. WHOA."

    "Pam is his jam!"

    "What you want is squishy...gimme, gimme that Hershey."

    "Gimme that, gimme that, honey, take it down like a bunny."

    "Chicken breast with that chest, YES, gimme all that mess!"


    *Brief intermission to fix the broken aisle sign.*

    Annnd, then they're back! Handling fruits like goddamn professional fruit-handlers:

    Before finishing up with this epic finale, involving everyone's fave food: CHEESE!