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Kristen Bell Just Got So Real About What It's Like To Live With Anxiety And Depression

"You would never deny a diabetic his insulin."

In a recent interview with Off Camera, Kristen Bell opened up about living with anxiety and depression, and the importance of having an open dialogue about it.

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Kristen starts by explaining that she's very co-dependent and desperately wants people to like her. (Amen to that, the struggle is constant.)

She explains that while she is definitely a very bubbly person, often her anxiety is lurking beneath the surface.

She said she often changed her personal interests to match her friends' so she would feel more accepted.

She gives her mom kudos for sitting her down when she was 18 and explaining that there was a history of serotonin imbalance in their family. Her mom told her that if she started to feel like she was "twisting things around, or paralyzed with fear," that she could do something about it.

She goes on to admit that she does A LOT of introspective work to help herself cope with her anxiety.

She then reveals that she has been taking a prescription medication for anxiety and depression since she was younger.

She talks about the fact that her mom told her "the world wants to shame you" for taking medication to help herself, but that it was important for her to remember that in the medical community, no one would "deny a diabetic his insulin."

The world needs to talk about mental health more openly and candidly, so props to Kristen Bell for doing just that.