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Which Swiss Are You?

It's a lose-lose situation

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  1. Pick your poison

    A tall glass of cold water
    Anything but vodka, please no vodka
  2. What's your subway stop?

    68th, Hunter College
    OMG, same! (Hunter College)
    14th Street, Union Square
  3. How often do you work out?

    Everyday cuz I'm basically Bo
    Lol never I'm ~naturally~ athletic
    I pretend to go
  4. Where do you think Nevis is?

    The Caribbean (I went there and took pictures of myself)
    Next to St. Barths
  5. Favorite Movie?

    Fantastic Mr. FoXXX
    The Hangover
    Mario Party 8?
  6. Favorite food?

    Salad cuz 2017
    Does weed count?
    Maison Kayser
  7. Can you do a pull-up?

    Not even a little but I can swing
    Yeah but just one
    I'm so close
  8. On a scale of 1-10, how good are you at beer pong?

  9. How do you get places?

    My dad walks me
    Uber X
  10. Favorite restaurant?

    King Kone
    Three Guys? What guys?
    Probably a Jewish Deli
  11. Where do you get your bud?

    What do you mean, like flowers?
    None of your goddamn business
  12. How good looking are you?

    Prettier than Aria if you ask me
    Handsomer than Jesse if you ask me
    I mean I'm French so...
  13. And lastly, what kind of drunk are you?

    Mean, violent, and narcissistic
    I can still do a handstand
    Can we not talk about it please

Which Swiss Are You?

You got: Izzy

You're Izzy! You are known for your athletic body which make everyone else super jealous. You often hurt yourself at the gym which is why you don't go. You're the smart one but you need a little extra help with the street smarts. You're always nice even though your "friend" isn't. You're almost as passionate about grahams number as Davey Harvey is even though no one actually gets it. Lucky for you you may be a terrible monitor but you're a dedicated cleaner.

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You got: Sabrina

You're Sabrina! You have a heart of gold and a house of gold too evidently. You may claim to be the mom of the group, but in reality you're the craziest of them all. Plus an absolute master of beer pong! You've got school smarts AND street smarts (if you don't include the security camera debacle) and you're pretty impressive for a lightweight. Sure, you're never actually gonna marry Bradley Cooper, but now you've got a few other possibilities ;)

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You got: Jack

You're Jack! Yeah, you might be just a little sketchy but we love you nonetheless. You have weird snapchat emojis (fish?) and a terrible sense of geography but you (used to be able to...) handle your alcohol better than the girls do and that's what's important. You're secretly a bitmoji and a bar mitzvah crasher and need parental supervision around the city, but you've definitely matured since your 6th grade days and we're proud of you. Update: we are just a little bit ashamed of you but it's fine.

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