Which Swiss Are You?

It’s a lose-lose situation

  1. Pick your poison
    1. A tall glass of cold water
    2. Weed
    3. Tequila
    4. Anything but vodka, please no vodka
  2. What's your subway stop?
    1. 68th, Hunter College
    2. OMG, same! (Hunter College)
    3. 14th Street, Union Square
  3. How often do you work out?
    1. Everyday cuz I’m basically Bo
    2. Lol never I’m ~naturally~ athletic
    3. I pretend to go
  4. Where do you think Nevis is?
    1. The Caribbean (I went there and took pictures of myself)
    2. Next to St. Barths
    3. Switzerland
  5. Favorite Movie?
    1. Fantastic Mr. FoXXX
    2. The Hangover
    3. Mario Party 8?
  6. Favorite food?
    1. Salad cuz 2017
    2. Does weed count?
    3. Maison Kayser
  7. Can you do a pull-up?
    1. Not even a little but I can swing
    2. Yeah but just one
    3. I’m so close
  8. On a scale of 1-10, how good are you at beer pong?
    1. 11.5
    2. 6
    3. -1
  9. How do you get places?
    1. My dad walks me
    2. Uber X
    3. Subway
  10. Favorite restaurant?
    1. King Kone
    2. Three Guys? What guys?
    3. Probably a Jewish Deli
  11. Where do you get your bud?
    1. What do you mean, like flowers?
    2. Jack
    3. None of your goddamn business
  12. How good looking are you?
    1. Prettier than Aria if you ask me
    2. Handsomer than Jesse if you ask me
    3. I mean I’m French so…
  13. And lastly, what kind of drunk are you?
    1. Mean, violent, and narcissistic
    2. I can still do a handstand
    3. Can we not talk about it please

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