12 Times Moira Rose From "Schitt’s Creek" Made Perfect Sense Even When She Made No Sense At All

    When she's right, she's right.

    The final season of Schitt's Creek is finally here and – as always – Moira Rose is stealing the show.

    While the entire cast is full of gems, Moira always seems to have the exact right words to reinvigorate us.

    I mean, this multitudinous queen opens her mouth and pure gold pours out.

    1. Like when she drunkenly reminded us that life is too short to stress about love

    2. Or when she hit us with this truth-bomb about laying it all on the line.

    3. And, of course, that time she pushed us to be our very best selves

    4. Or when she was the queen of self-preservation

    5. And taught us a lesson in Latin and life.

    6. Or when she inspired us to take life by the horns

    7. And to always stand up for ourselves.

    8. And let's not forget when Moira taught us the importance of teamwork

    9. Because as Moira would say...

    10. Throughout the series, she's taught us to be ready for anything

    11. And to always take criticism with a grain of salt

    12. Because, baby...

    Now, get out there and channel your inner Moira!