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How Far Can You Stretch Your Budget This Holiday Season?

Do you #stretch your wallet or make it rain?

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  1. Are you a shopaholic?
    *shops till drops*
    I mean, I go to the mall every once a season or so
    ...does Amazon count?
    Nah, shopping’s not my thing
  2. Do you shop exclusively at sales?

    Zach Epstein
    I’ll buy anything at any time, regardless of sales
    I love a good sale, but will buy something not on sale if I really like it
    If it’s not on sale, byeeee.
    Hitting up Goodwill is basically a 24/7 sale, right?
  3. Did you go Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday Shopping?
    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are my Olympic sport
    Sure, who doesn’t?
    I checked it out, but didn’t end up checking out with anything.
    Eh. Seems like a waste of time and money
  4. How do you buy a gift for your friends?
    The more extravagant, the better
    If I find something shopping that I think he/she would like, I’ll grab it
    Buy a card, probably a humorous one to make up for the fact I didn’t get him/her a legit gift
    I prefer to hand-make gifts and cards
  5. How much do you usually spend on gifts?
    I’d spend any amount for just the right gift for someone
    Probably a couple hundred maximum, for family or a really close friend
    The cheaper the better!!!1!1
    Free, I make all my own gifts and cards because I’m #crafty and #thoughtful
  6. What’s your strategy once you get to the mall?

    Marcia Trask via
    I have mapped out the perimeter in advance and start with more popular places first to ensure I get my goods
    I stop at my usual stores and maybe more depending on what gifts I need to get
    Food Court, then maybe some sales if I feel like it?
    I don’t really go to the mall, how about a craft store though????
  7. When was the last time you used scissors?

    KidStock/Blend Images/Getty Images
    Cutting off all the tags of all my new clothes, duh
    Probably cutting the tag off of my one #treatyoself purchase
    Cutting through the tape of my Amazon package because I just got some sweet deals, yo
    Cutting through some paper to make a card for my friend
  8. On a scale from 1-10, how materialistic do you consider yourself?

    Sian Meades via
    10, but I feel self conscious about saying 10, so Imma say 9.
    A modest 4.
    1, maybe 2
  9. What is your jam?

    Joe via
    24 karat, Bruno Mars
    Material Girl, Madonna
    Money Trees, Kendrick Lamar
    Save Dat Money, Lil Dicky
  10. What is your idea of a perfect weekend?

    admin via
    Shopping, shopping, and more shopping
    Going to a nice dinner with family and/or friends
    Going on a hike or outdoor adventure
    Downtime to yourself; reading, watching a movie

How Far Can You Stretch Your Budget This Holiday Season?

You got: Super Stretched Budget

CONGRATULATIONS! Rather than being pent up in a mall shopping this holiday season, you’ll be cozy at home with friends and family thanks to being a grade-A #stretcher. Right on! Savor the experience of making your own gifts that will mean more than any other bought goods. Keep up the #stretching and learn more about being frugal with the new forthcoming book Stretch by Scott Sonenshein!

Super Stretched Budget
Eddie Martinez
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You got: A Well-Stretched Budget

Cha-Ching! You’re scoring on this holiday season by spending little money--a winner in our books! If your perfect weekend includes an outdoor adventure, why not do a less-material-focused gift this year: an “experience” gift! Plan a weekend getaway, register a friend for that wine-tasting class they’ve been dying to go to… By #stretching the conventional meaning of gift, the knowledge and experiences they receive will outlast any physical gift. Find out more ways to continue #stretching and creating unlikely combinations with the new forthcoming book Stretch by Scott Sonenshein!

A Well-Stretched Budget
Eddie Martinez
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You got: Mini Stretched Budget

Nice! Scouting out sales is a wonderful way to #stretch your budget. Should you choose to go shopping this holiday season, you will spend less than many people with your thriftiness. There’s always room to improve though, right? Try making a family member or friend a card to save money and also to spare the daunting card selection process… Like being resourceful? Check out Stretch, the forthcoming book Stretch by Scott Sonenshein, on how you can #stretch the way you approach the gifting process, the way you think, and life as a whole!

Mini Stretched Budget
Eddie Martinez
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You got: Zero Budget Left

How LITTLE money will be left in your wallet--you’re #stretching it a bit thin! Though it may seem as though you have an unending source of cash, it may benefit you and your budget to be a little more frugal. Try re-gifting, less expensive gifts, or even better--a handmade (inexpensive!) gift. Check out some tips on being resourceful in the forthcoming book Stretch by Scott Sonenshein!

Zero Budget Left
Eddie Martinez
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Saving money is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to acting resourcefully. Learn more about the science of resourcefulness at and order the book Stretch. Written by Rice University professor Scott Sonenshein, Stretch teaches how to make the most out of whatever we have – and not just scavenging for sales! Using compelling studies and stories (including his research on food trucks), Stretch shows why everyone from executives to entrepreneurs, professionals to parents, and athletes to artists perform better with constraints; why seeking too many resources undermines our work and well-being; and why even those with a lot benefit from making the most out of a little.

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