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DeniAl: How To Reach AcceptAnce After The 'Pretty Little Liars' Midseason Finale

What do you mean EZRA IS 'A'?! How to come to terms with the big reveAl.

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Like most 'Pretty Little Liars' fans, I still don't know how I feel about the summer finale's big reveAl.

Ezra is now EzrA?! He's the one pulling all the strings? Who framed Hanna's mom for murder?!

Welcome to deniAl. DeniAl is defined as how one copes with the possibility of Ezra being 'A' and has 9 stages culminating in AcceptAnce.

Upon the revelation that Ezra could be the mastermind leading the 'A' team, I went into the first stage of deniAl: SHOCK.

'Holy crAp' is right, Mr. Fitz. 'Holy crAp' indeed.




I tried re-watching those last few moments over and over, each time hoping that my eyes were playing tricks on me. Poor, sweet, sometimes bland, English teacher Ezra can't be 'A,' he just can't be! He wears VESTS for goodness sake!


But…why? Does Ezra even own a black hoodie?

Stage 5: ANGER.

Think of Aria, Ezra! How could you betray such a cute, little thing?

Stage 6: CARDIO. (This involved a very exhausting effort to run away from what I had just seen.)

Maybe, if I run fast enough, time will go backwards and I can just pretend I never saw Ezra in 'A''s lair.

Stage 7: MOURNING.

Here lies Ezra Fitz (seasons 1-3). He loved poetry, writing, reading and old movies. He was good and loyal. He also had a really nice, non-creepy, non-'A' lair apartment.

Stage 8: DENIAL: deniAl.

If I think about Ezra being evil for one more second, I'll just die.

After repeating the stages of deniAl multiple times, there is even more denial in the form of...

Stage 9: AcceptAnce.


How could this face be evil? How could the romance of Ezria become so tainted?

And so, deniAl must become AcceptAnce. Ezra may (or may not – I still have hope) be evil with a capital 'A,' but he's still got the face. (Thank you, Ian Harding, for your beautiful face.) I choose to be both horrified and smitten.

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