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Comic Book Writer Kate Leth's Twitter Rant On Sexualised Female Superhero Costumes Is Everything

First we had 'tit windows', now we have 'boob socks.'

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Last month, comic book artist Kate Beaton (of 'Hark, a Vagrant' fame) took to Twitter to point out the RI-DIC-U-LOUS costume change for 'Dagger' - one half of the Marvel superhero duo 'Cloak & Dagger.'

Historically, Dagger - like many female superheroes - has never sported a costume that could ever be described as 'modest' (which, incidentally, is absolutely fine) and the motif on her torso is clearly supposed to be cut in the shape of her namesake. But, whilst Beaton recognised this, she also pointed out that the addition of the strange rectangle cut-outs where the character's nipples should probably be were a step too far.

She hilariously dubbed them: 'Tit windows.'

tit windows, needs more tit windows for tits, for looking at tits through the windows, tits to look at

Twitter: @beatonna / Via Twitter: @beatonna

Then she did what she does best:

Today, a month after Kate Beaton blessed us with the wonderful 'tit windows' complaint, comic book artist and writer Kate Leth also took to Twitter to continue the conversation about the realism-defying ways women's bodies are still drawn (or OVER-drawn) in comics. She used the way that some artists draw the fabric around Spider-Woman's individual breasts as a prime example...

Superheroines are just like you and me. They slip their boobs into their spandex sock-holes one at a time

Twitter: @kateleth / Via Twitter: @kateleth

...and blessed us with another sexism-busting phrase to add to our dictionary of misogynist art: 'Boob socks.'

Boob Socks are a term for when fabric adheres to and forms around an entire boob, defying logic, reason and taste

Twitter: @kateleth / Via Twitter: @kateleth

To corroborate her argument, she compared photos of real women wearing similar outfits to Spider-Woman to show the way that fabric is supposed to look around the chest area.

For the record, this is what a human woman in a skintight unitard looks like

Twitter: @kateleth / Via Twitter: @kateleth

Boob Socks are not the work of any one artist, but thousands who have collectively never seen a human woman

Twitter: @kateleth / Via Twitter: @kateleth

For example: how Rogue's chest is drawn vs how it looks on a human woman. Fabric is not adhesive!

Twitter: @kateleth / Via Twitter: @kateleth

She then went on to talk about the difference between 'sexy' and 'sexualised art' in comics.

This is what we mean when we talk about sexy vs sexualized art in comics. Deep V on a hot dress? Ok. Defined nipple through a uniform? Uhhh

Twitter: @kateleth / Via Twitter: @kateleth

..If I can tell at first glance that you spent more time drawing a heroine's boobs than her fists, I know exactly where your priorities lie.

Twitter: @kateleth / Via Twitter: @kateleth

And why overly-sexualised female characters could be off-putting to female readers.

And if you wanna draw naked ladies so bad, DO IT. But don't spray-paint them green and then get mad when girls don't want to read the book

Twitter: @kateleth / Via Twitter: @kateleth

And in closing, she also DESTROYED the "but male superheroes get objectified too!" counter-argument.

"But muscly male superheroes are the same thing!" No. You know what is the same thing? Our good pal Tom of Finland

Twitter: @kateleth / Via Twitter: @kateleth


Kay I definitely can't top this so I am actually done now. In closing: either draw superman with a massive wang or cut out boob socking. Thx

Twitter: @kateleth / Via Twitter: @kateleth
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