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    21 GIFs Of Male Anime Characters That Will Make You Thirsty AF

    Hold on to your ovaries, otaku!

    1. Sasuke is noticing you over and over again. / Via

    "Oh hey, girl. Didn't see you there."

    2. Levi is really working up a sweat for you. / Via

    Current mood = hot and bothered.

    3. You'd happily sell your soul to Sebastian if you could watch him take his gloves off all day long. / Via

    One HELL of a GIF.

    4. Lelouch has spent precious hours mastering his hair flick for you. / Via

    Hair game on fleek.

    5. L'Oréal: Because Kanda is so worth it.

    6. Light is really making you wish you were a potato chip right now. / Via

    Shame about the whole god-complex thing.

    7. Gray and Natsu are getting pumped to hang out on the beach with you. / Via

    Boys on tour.

    8. You're super grateful for that gust of wind around Roy right now. / Via

    More like Full Frontal Alchemist.

    9. You definitely watch Free! because you've always been a big fan of professional swimming. / Via


    10. .... / Via

    Welcome to the gun show.

    11. Ichigo just noticed you staring... / Via[term]=ichigo%20gif&filters[primary]=images&sort=1&o=29


    12. Miketsukami is really working those tiny gloves for you. / Via

    Down, boy.

    13. You just got lost in Usui's eyes. / Via

    "Oh sorry, did you say something..?"

    14. Even Kuroko is feeling that thirst. / Via

    Handstands are the only way to travel.

    15. You'd happily be Lavi's headband forever. / Via

    On second thought, just leave it down.

    16. The only thing stopping you from taking Tamaki's hand is this pesky screen.

    17. Rin may not be real but that doesn't mean the thirst isn't. / Via


    18. You don't even mind that Sesshomaru's makeup is better than yours. / Via

    Wind should ALWAYS have petals in it.

    19. Hibari's hair deserves a list of its own, quite frankly. / Via

    So thirsty.

    20. You really appreciate Syaoran's vest choices. / Via

    This sure ain't Cardcaptors anymore.

    21. Zero's waiting for your shoulder to cry on. / Via

    Topless brooding is the only way to brood.

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