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12 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me: Draw My Cover Letter BuzzFeed Edition

Hello there! My name is Ivy Zhao and I want to illustrate the reasons why I have what it takes to be part of BuzzFeed.

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1. I actually found out about BuzzFeed in my senior year of HS from doing an online quiz about what is your ideal career.

Ivy Zhao

Who would've guessed that BuzzFeed was correct when I chose to major in Marketing.

2. The BuzzFeed quiz was right! I graduated from Baruch College with a BBA in Marketing Management.

Ivy Zhao

It was a great four years but it's time to face the real world and put the degree to good use.

3. This hit me as I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in the media industry with companies like BuzzFeed. I started interning as social media promoter for various tech startups and event companies to get my feet wet.

Ivy Zhao

Here's my road to social media land. I started off interning at Tough Mudder, a sports event company. This internship gave me the chance to test my creativity in many ways. On the flip side, I interned at Contently, a B2B company that helps brands tell great stories using their Contently software. These companies taught me a lot about social media and how I can make an impact.

6. In order to exercise my creativity outlet, I use drawings from my sketches to pitch story ideas to my team.

Ivy Zhao

Everyone can have an idea but I like to illustrate my thoughts in my handy sketchbook.

10. Did I mention I have a great sense of humor? I always thought laughter was the spice of life.

Ivy Zhao

I believe in the work hard, play life philosophy but laughter is always needed to lighten up the mood.

11. To keep my mind and body in check, there’s nothing like binge watching on BuzzFeed videos while running on my treadmill.

Ivy Zhao

Yes, BuzzFeed certainly plays a huge part in my life. Even K-dramas are in second place.

12. At the end of the day, I am just your Internet loving junkie who enjoys baking, ( experimenting with Tasty recipes) running, and hopefully being able to make my mark as a social media strategist.

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