It's Time We Talked About These 26 British Mum Behaviours

    Forget Pokémon, British mums collect club cards.

    1. Having an unhealthy obsession with Primark, Poundland, and/or B&M.

    front of a primark store with text "why is my mum always here?!"

    2. And being proud owners of every supermarket’s loyalty card.

    3. Saying “there’s food at home” when you’re dying for a Maccies.


    Twitter: @PBorCapo

    Yeah but is there a cheeseburger, fries, and a McFlurry at home, Mum? That’s the question.

    4. And then reminding you that “there are children around the world that are starving."

    Me to mum: I'm hungry Mum: how dare you! There are children in Africa who are starving ! Me:

    Twitter: @punkisntdead_xo

    And making you feel like an ungrateful dick for ever wanting a Happy Meal.

    5. Having this exact phone case:

    does everyone’s mum have a phone case like this or is it just mine

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    6. And expecting you to remember all of their passwords.

    My mum is pissed at me because I can't remember her passwords

    Twitter: @levynbaby

    I can barely remember my own, Mum.

    7. Scrolling through your entire camera roll when you show them one picture on your phone.

    8. Only drinking tea out of a specific mug.

    9. Buying fancy snacks and saving them for when visitors come over.

    10. Calling you down for dinner before it’s actually ready.

    11. Having a special place in their heart for Princess Diana.

    Does anyone else’s mum love princess Diana or is it just my mum?

    Twitter: @vicife15

    Princess Di really has British mums in a chokehold. Not only do they miss her dearly but they also have their own fully fledged conspiracy theories about what happened to her.

    12. Sending an excessive amount of kisses at the end of every text message.

    Why does my mum send so many kisses on texts. Think off all the time she could save. M

    Twitter: @ElissaDuffyXO

    There’s only so many kisses you can send before you sound passive aggressive but British mums clearly did not get that memo.

    13. And remixing the names of popular apps.

    I just got this text from my Mum, who tf spells it like that

    Twitter: @spfanlana

    If I had a penny for every time a British mum said "the Facebook'" or "Tick Tock" I wouldn't be rich but I'd certainly be on my way.

    14. Wanting the juicy gossip on all your old school friends.

    15. Having a drawer full of plastic bags that is full to the brim.

    We decided to clean out our "plastic bag drawer" and

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    16. And another dedicated to takeaway containers, Tupperware, and various lids.

    Who else’s mom has an entire drawer dedicated to Tupperware lids?

    Twitter: @rachiecamie

    Some people collect stamps. British mums collect Tupperware.

    17. Not letting you leave the house without putting a scarf on.

    When your mum forces you to wear a scarf because “it’s cold outside”

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    Even if you’re a grown adult…

    18. Saying “sorry?!” after you’ve just said something cheeky.

    19. Being adamant they don’t want any presents for their birthday.

    20. Stocking up on snacks months before Christmas and hiding them in questionable places.

    21. Using the same Christmas decorations from when you were seven years old.

    22. And gifting you socks and/or slippers every year without fail.

    When your mum gives you socks for Christmas and you act surprised. 🤣

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    23. Using an unflattering photo of you as their Facebook profile pic.

    24. Passing on every chain message they receive, you know, just in case.

    Me telling my mum that the chain mail she keeps forwarding me is fake news

    Twitter: @IGoBySJ

    British mums really don’t take chances when it comes to chain mail – there’s absolutely no way that they’ll end up with 7 years of bad luck or a terminal illness because they didn’t forward a message to their nearest and dearest.

    25. Covering your eyes during sex scenes on TV shows.

    26. And tuning in to Eastenders, Emmerdale, and/or Coronation Street every week.