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    17 Sweet Treats That I'm Convinced Everyone Else Is Just Pretending To Like

    PSA: raisins do not belong in desserts.

    Britain is responsible for some of the greatest desserts out there. Who doesn’t love a Victoria sponge cake or sticky toffee pudding?

    However, there are also a number of popular sweet treats that I think us Brits need to evaluate. Here are 22 of them.

    1. Bread and butter pudding

    2. Dolly mixture

    3. Fruit cake

    4. Fig Rolls

    5. Banoffee pie

    6. English trifle

    7. Coconut chocolates.

    8. Pineapple upside-down cake

    9. Ice cream and Jelly

    10. Anything liquorice flavoured

    11. Mince pies

    12. Rock candy

    13. Eccles cake

    14. Marshmallow teacakes

    15. Christmas pudding

    16. Digestives

    17. Spotted dick

    What sweet treat do you think it's time we gave up? Tell us in the comments!