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    19 Things Every "Grey’s Anatomy" Fan Is Totally Guilty Of

    It’s a beautiful day to rewatch Grey's Anatomy for the 100th time.

    Grey’s Anatomy is truly the gift that keeps on giving. 17 seasons later, this show still has me in a chokehold and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Here are 19 things I'm convinced every Grey’s fan is guilty of doing from time to time.

    🚨This list contains many, many spoilers 🚨

    1. Forcing your family and friends to watch the show so you can live vicariously through them.

    2. Believing you’re basically qualified to give medical advice.

    3. And after many hours of watching Grey’s, convincing yourself that you could actually do surgery

    4. Quoting the show on a daily basis

    5. Ripping off your face mask like the surgeons after an unsuccessful surgery

    6. Genuinely mourning the characters’ deaths

    7. And being equally as heartbroken when a character is written out of the show

    8. Rewatching old episodes

    9. Overlooking the unrealistic storylines

    10. Falling in love with someone new each season

    11. And taking online quizzes to find out which dreamboat you’d end up with

    12. Wanting to move to Seattle

    13. Bawling your eyes out after certain scenes

    14. Having an irrational fear of weddings after all the drama

    15. Warming to the idea of hooking up with a colleague

    16. Reading spoilers on the newest season

    17. Having a love-hate relationship with Shonda Rhimes

    18. Taking a while to warm up to new characters

    19. Wanting to find your ‘person’

    What's are you most guilty of? Tell us in the comments!