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    For Everyone Who's Ever Used A Dating App – Here's 18 Experiences You'll Surely Recognise

    Online dating is not for the faint-hearted.

    Online dating really has modern day society in a chokehold and while there are several success stories, for the majority of us it’s all panic and no disco.


    A moment of silence for everyone who’s had to endure the chaotic world of dating apps. If you're one of these people, you’ll most definitely recognise these 18 experiences...

    1. Being full of hope and anticipation...


    When you first download a bunch of dating apps, it is hard not to be optimistic. You start believing that you might actually meet the one and become one of those disgustingly happy couples. After all, who says Tinderella can’t live happily ever after? 

    2. ...Which fades almost immediately.

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    Unfortunately, it doesn’t take all that long for the inevitable dread to start sinking in. Scrolling through a sea of unflattering profile pictures, uninteresting bios, and repeating the same soul-destroying conversations over and over again will knock the excitement out of anyone.  

    3. Having to endure mind-numbingly boring conversations.


    I know it’s a tall order to dive right into a meaningful discussion with a complete stranger but there’s only so much small talk I can take. “What’s your favourite colour?”, “how many siblings do you have?”, “wow the weather is really bad this week” – please make it stop. I have no more talking stages left in me and this is precisely why. 

    4. Or watching great convos fizzle out in a matter of minutes.

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    Don’t you just hate it when you’re finally hitting it off with someone and then all of sudden the conversation becomes drier than the Sahara Desert? The worst part is that it’s virtually impossible to revive a dead convo – take it from me. 

    5. Accidentally swiping left on someone attractive.


    Some of you have never accidentally swiped left on an absolute worldie and it shows. The seasoned swipers among us know that when you’ve been swiping left for a hot minute, sometimes you actually can’t stop yourself when a 10/10 pops up. I’ve never felt pain quite like it. 

    6. Coming across a friend's profile and not knowing who to do.


    Do you swipe right out of courtesy or pretend you never saw them? Asking for a friend. 

    7. Having people completely misunderstand your sense of humour.

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    There is nothing worse than crafting a wonderfully witty message for it to go completely over someone’s head. It isn’t always easy to convey a sense of humour over message but having to over explain your jokes is certainly a mood killer. 

    8. Receiving inappropriate messages.


    In my humble opinion, questions about sex positions, kinks and anal probably aren’t the best (or most appropriate) conversation starters. And neither are tone-deaf messages that fetishize people’s skin colour, ethnicity and/or body type. People have a whole lot of audacity on these apps and unfortunately, you have to learn that the hard way. 

    9. And unsolicited nude photos.


    Being sent a close up of someone’s genitals without a word of warning is not my idea of a good time. Assignment misunderstood. 

    10. Being asked to send NSFW pictures yourself.


    There’s truly nothing more off-putting than being asked to send a bunch of nude photos to someone you’ve just started talking to on the internet. The cheek, the nerve, the gall, the audacity, and the gumption!

    11. Questioning whether you’re being catfished.


    When you come across a profile with pictures that look a little too good to be true and an amazing bio to match, it’s hard not to assume the worst. Are they just ridiculously attractive or did they steal a random model’s photos and create a whole fake identity? It’s a tough call. 

    12. Being left on read for several days.

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    Why does it take some people three to five business days to respond? Do they send a message and then just yeet their phone as far away as possible? 

    13. Or being ghosted altogether.

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    If you thought being blanked for a few days was bad, try being ghosted or blocked in the middle of a perfectly decent conversation. Where are the Ghostbusters when you need them? 

    14. And just losing all faith in humanity because of these things.


    Why are people like this? That isn’t a rhetorical question, I actually need answers. 

    15. Wondering if you're the one doing something wrong.

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    You start questioning yourself. Is it me? Am I the drama? I don’t think I’m the drama… 

    16. Getting tips from friends who’ve had success with online dating.


    Sometimes we all need to consult the group chat for advice, a rousing pep talk, or help drafting the perfect risqué message. That’s what friends are for right? 

    17. Deleting dating apps once and for all.


    Let’s be honest, it’s only a matter of time until dating apps become the absolute bane of your existence. And when they do, deleting the dreaded apps and focusing on meeting someone the old-fashioned way feels like the only logical thing to do. 

    18. And reluctantly re-downloading them when you realise that dating IRL isn’t much better.

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    It’s a vicious cycle.