For Everyone Who's Ever Used A Dating App – Here's 18 Experiences You'll Surely Recognise

    Online dating is not for the faint-hearted.

    Online dating really has modern day society in a chokehold and while there are several success stories, for the majority of us it’s all panic and no disco.

    A moment of silence for everyone who’s had to endure the chaotic world of dating apps. If you're one of these people, you’ll most definitely recognise these 18 experiences...

    1. Being full of hope and anticipation...

    2. ...Which fades almost immediately.

    3. Having to endure mind-numbingly boring conversations.

    4. Or watching great convos fizzle out in a matter of minutes.

    5. Accidentally swiping left on someone attractive.

    6. Coming across a friend's profile and not knowing who to do.

    7. Having people completely misunderstand your sense of humour.

    8. Receiving inappropriate messages.

    9. And unsolicited nude photos.

    10. Being asked to send NSFW pictures yourself.

    11. Questioning whether you’re being catfished.

    12. Being left on read for several days.

    13. Or being ghosted altogether.

    14. And just losing all faith in humanity because of these things.

    15. Wondering if you're the one doing something wrong.

    16. Getting tips from friends who’ve had success with online dating.

    17. Deleting dating apps once and for all.

    18. And reluctantly re-downloading them when you realise that dating IRL isn’t much better.