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    Not gonna assume it's all students, but most at the least.

    1. Being Stressed For MCIN Conference

    and relieved when it's over!

    2. Morgan Freeman

    what's not to like?

    3. Using Biblical Insults

    If you call someone Judas, they're a traitor. If you call someone Jezebel, they're a slut.

    4. The Dollar Tree

    and the dollar movies, the dollar menu...

    5. Safety Shirts

    No one wants to see your crack, seriously.

    6. Human Videos

    and hating the song after learning it.

    7. John and Lisa Bevere

    You know, you've always fantasized your marriage being like theirs someday

    8. Hoping that one boy/girl will express his/her feelings to you at graduation

    but never does.

    9. Saying you feel called to repeat covenant during your 2nd year when you find out no one likes you

    so sad...

    10. Celebrating every single holiday on the calendar

    and made up ones.