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    Questions Homeschooled Kids Are Tired Of Being Asked

    We love answering them dishonestly, it makes us feel like rare creatures.

    1. Won't that make you over sheltered?

    No, I go outside. I'm homeschooled, not Rapunzel

    2. Is it because of your religion?

    Because every religion definitely says "thou shalt homeschool thy child"

    3. How do you make friends?

    With Chemical X. But only if I want them to have super powers.

    4. So would you ever date someone that goes to a regular school?

    That depends, is he hot?

    5. So you get to do what ever you want, all the time?

    Only if Mother Gothel approves.

    6. So how will you handle the real world after you graduate?

    Umm....I've been handling the real world. You've been stuck in class.

    7. So you must be like insanely genius

    8. So you never have to worry about bullies?

    My mom called me stupid once.

    9. So what do homeschooled people do for fun?

    Look up pics of cats on the internet. Just like you.

    10. Is your homework schoolwork or is your schoolwork homework?

    Wait, say that again, a little slower though, forgive me, I'm homeschooled and a little slow.