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    13 Toys I Had As A Kid That Are Def Way Cooler Than What You Had

    Hands down.

    1. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

    I was one of those kids that got scared easily so this book was just scary enough for me without being too scary.

    2. Adevina Quien?

    Because in El Paso we know people named Maria, not Mary, Jose, not Joe and Carlos not Carl.

    3. Kids Concoctions

    This book got me in a bit of trouble. But I learned that you can make modeling clay out of pretty much anything. Oatmeal, glue, gum, mud the possibilities are endless.

    4. Whatsherface? Doll

    Yes actually, those are barbies without faces. I was very into them for a while

    5. Silly Snacks Cookbook

    Because PB&J just wasn't exciting enough for me.

    6. I-zone Polaroid Camera

    Not affiliated with Apple. It was a camera that printed onto stickers, pretty awesome.

    7. Capsters Kit

    Best thing Klutz ever came up with, I can never just ignore a bottlecap again.

    8. Amazing Ally Doll

    It was a little creepy that her mouth moved when she talked, it was even creepier to wake up in the morning with her saying, "Good morning Ivy, you know what we should do today? Write a story, you like writing."

    9. Peewee Herman Pullstring Doll

    I was IN LOVE with Peewee Herman so I carried that doll everywhere. I think he still has the grape gum in his mouth that we used to share.

    10. Armor of God

    I outgrew it rather quickly

    11. The Clapper

    Turns out, it doesn't just work with claps but any two syllable sound. Not very fun when you have bronchitis.

    12. Pixter Portable Gaming System

    Waaaaay cooler than a Game-boy. It's educational.

    13. Playskool Tape Recorder

    I literally used that thing til it could no longer be used. I have about two boxes of cassette tapes I recorded. I had a radio show, I was a singer, a comedian, a broadcaster. Everything you can think of.