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    10 Guys That Make Me Drool

    ...And why they do as well.

    1. Ed Sheeran

    Gingers with tattoos: my weakness. Especially when they have the voice of an angel.

    2. Jesse Eisenberg

    He's magical and dorky. Yet smooth and sarcastic. Look at those puppy dog eyes and luscious curls.

    3. Michael Cera

    You totally would've ignored him in high school. Look who's laughing now.

    4. John Krasinski

    Face: Flawless

    Body: Flawless

    Personality: Flawless

    Please be the father of my children

    5. Dr. Spencer Reid

    Just the fact that he has "Dr" in his name. Most of the time, when he talks I don't understand the words coming out of his mouth. Talk nerdy to me.

    6. Tom Hiddleston

    Yes, I am in that crowd of screaming girls. We are screaming for a reason. Can't you see it?

    7. Alex Goot

    View this video on YouTube

    What more could a girl ask for?

    8. Captain Hook

    Or whatever his name is. I don't really wanna know, it'll ruin the magic of it.

    9. The Credit Guy

    I don't how it happened, or why it happened but it happened. Love at first sight.

    10. Dave Days

    He's a clueless pervert. I guess that's part of his charm.