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Mexico's President Fox Is On Vacation And Has HAD IT With Trump

Guess where? Cancun. And you will never be invited.

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Like many of us, former Mexican President Vicente Fox has just about had it with Trump's aggravating presidential campaign and his ridiculous war on immigrants.

He is so irritated in fact, that he has taken to Twitter to give Trump a taste of his own medicine.*

Trump nobody except you & us tax payers will pay for the useless focking wall.

*Anger-fueled-incomprehensible-Twitter-rant-flavored medicine.

Up until a few weeks ago Presidente Fox had been a respectable and inspirational defiance against Trump's angry rhetoric.

Defendamos juntos nuestra identidad nacional. Hoy y cuantas veces se requiera, defendamos a México y sus ciudadanos fuera y dentro del país.

But since his message wasn't getting across, he decided to start tweeting at Trump in his own language.*

Trump nobody likes you in or outside United States

*5th grade comprehension level English.

Now he's run the gamut from vague threats...

We the rest of the world, consider you Top Risk and we have declared "maximum alert" the unintelligible.

You have been so offensive to wemen that you are a real "MACHO" . Good for you! bad very bad for your egocentric aspirations.

He commiserates with us.

Trump is absolutely crazy and ignorant.poor Republican party.poor US,

poor US 🇺🇸

And he's asking the tough questions.

Trump is a looser, in business and in campaigning. He will never make it. He only is increasing hate ,violence. How can people stand him?

He's even tried to give Trump some free life advice.

Trump, stop fighting with everybody. Stop destroying world relations. Document yourself,get information go back to school.

Pretty solid.

But now, best of all, Fox is on vacation which means que le vale madre and he is letting loose.

Trump has profound, insulting arrogance, he demands treatment of a king or dictator. Where is that great nation going? And the Republican?

Trump you are officially NOT WELCOME to Cancun.

Trump,this beautiful Cancun. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.

...but first, let me take a selfie.

Fox is throwing a lavish party for his wife Martha's birthday and Trump, you are not invited.

Trump,celebrating Martha's birthday. Guess where? Cancun,And you will never be invited. You are not wellcome

Other Americans are invited. Just not Trump.

You now Trump,we don't like you. We are proud to share the party with mostly Americans that love MX

More great life advice.

Trump, this is love, this is great moments, this is sharing,! that you don't know about. You are missing everything

Quick shoutout to the wifey.

Marta. I love you an your birthday,PRECISELY BECAUSE YOU ARE MEXICAN. VIVA MEXICO.

As learned from the Kanye West School of Twitter Etiquette.

What do you know about love, Trump? What do you know about love?

This's beautifull Marta my love! its birthday.What do you know about Love? Or you just know about hating . How sad!

You tell him Vicente!

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