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This Week's Healthcare Debacle As Explained By The Great British Bake Off

Ready.... Set.... Bake, repeal, and replace!

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And this week's TECHNICAL CHALLENGE is:

Republicans have been promising lower premiums, lower deductibles, lower co-payments, lower taxes, lower government expenditure, and more choice. Basically, they have promised us everything AND at lower costs!

Additionally, this fails to deliver on two of President Trump's biggest campaign promises: "insurance for everybody" and that it would be "much less expensive and much better" than Obamacare.

Concerned Americans have been protesting and calling their representatives because many people are scared that the new AHCA might cost them their healthcare. For some people loosing their coverage is a life threatening situation.

And this is causing a lot of Republicans to walk back their support of repeal and replace. Many of them are up for reelection in 2018 and if they leave their constituents without healthcare, they'll likely loose their support and their votes.

So Friday arrives and Republicans show up to the House floor with a bill that fails to deliver on their promises, leaves many vulnerable Americans' lives in danger, and doesn't even have enough Republican support to successfully pass the vote.

In a surprising move, Republicans abruptly pulled the bill from the House floor just minutes before the scheduled vote. They simply did not have enough support to pass the AHCA.

Trump admitted defeat in a press conference and said “I think we have to let Obamacare go its way,” a surprising move from a man who's made a whole career (and presidency) on touting his negotiation skills and writing The Art of The Deal.

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