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13 Embarrassing And Completely Unnecessary Songs In Spanish

Tap into the lucrative Hispanic market. Or, you know, don't.

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With over 500 million speakers, Spanish is the 2nd most prominent language spoken around the world today. As artists attempt to top the international music charts, many think it's a smart business decision to release a version of their hit single en Español.

Unfortunately, no one told them otherwise...

1. Backstreet Boys - Nunca Te Haré Llorar

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In 1995 the boys were propelled to international fame with their hit I'll Never Break Your Heart. Eager to further their success they released Nunca Te Haré Llorar and the world will never let them forget it.


2. Michael Jackson - I Just Can't Stop Loving You (Spanish Version)

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This is undeniably Michael. In that creepy kind of way. Except it was 1987 so everything was fine.

This version leaves a lot to be desired. No one expected MJ to be down with speaking Spanish, but producers couldn't even be bothered to find a choir that could. In fact, they couldn't even be bothered to translate the title leaving us with the awkward I Just Can't Stop Loving You (Spanish Version).

3. Robbie Williams - Ángel

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Robbie's 1997 beautiful ballad is powerful and will give you chills. The Spanish version will just make you cringe.

4. Boyz II Men - El Ayer

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In case Boyz II Men covering The Beatle's Yesterday on a 2010 holiday album released exclusively in Japan was not strange enough for you, they went the extra mile and sang it in Spanish. Para las nenas.


5. ABBA - La Reina Del Baile

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Forget that the poorly traduced La Reina Del Baile is not the same as a Dancing Queen. Their singing is so incomprehensible it doesn't even matter what they are trying to say.

During their long reign as international music sensations ABBA teased the Spanish speaking world with a Latin flair in songs like Chiquitita and Fernando. Eventually they released 15 of their best songs in Spanish, none of them intelligible.

6. Céline Dion - Sola Otra Vez

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All By Myself is a very sad song. Not as sad as Céline's 1996 attempt at connecting with her fans en Español.

She nailed the singing obviously. But was that really necessary?


7. The Beach Boys - Kokomo (Spanish Version)

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In 1988 The Beach Boys took the world to the mythical land of Kokomo and they were not going to leave Latinos behind.

At least they were astute enough to pump up the volume on their backing instruments to hide their terrible accents. But props to them for going out of their way to correcly pronunce Jamaica.

8. *NSYNC - Yo Te Voy Amar

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With BSB charming the hell out of Latin ladies around the world there was no way *NSYNC was going to stay behind. They released a Spanish version of This I Promised You and even went as far as performing it on the 2001 Latin Grammys.

9. Captain & Tennille - Por Amor Viviremos

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In 1975 Captain & Tennille accomplished the rare feat of having the same song in the Billboard Hot 100 in two different languages. They claim the second language was Spanish.

She's trying. She really is.


10. Mariah Carey - Héroe

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In 1993 Mariah María Carey blessed the world with Héroe. Fortunately most of the song is classic María vocalizing so there's no need to be distracted by the awkward Spanish pronunciation.

11. Bon Jovi - Como Yo Nadie Te Ha Amado

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It's not the lyrics of this 1995 ballad that will leave you crying, its Jon Bon's accent.

The translators somehow managed to take a ballad about loss and renouncing love and instead turn it into a declaration of undying, unsurpassable love.


12. Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend (Spanish Version)

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2007 was plagued by the unbearably catchy cheerleader-infused pop jam Girlfriend and Avril loved it so much she felt the whole world should love it too. She released the single in Japanese, French, Mandarin, Italian, German and Portuguese.

The Spanish version is, well, awful.

13. Beyoncé - Irreemplazable (Norteño Mix)

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In 2006 Beyoncé was already on route to Queen B status and nothing could stop her. A smart business woman, she saw the opportunity to increase her fan base in the Spanish speaking world and released Irreemplazable - a Spanish version of Irreplaceable.

Surprisingly, it was actually pretty good. Like really good. ¡Bey canta Español muy bien!

She made a regrettable attempt at breaking into another new market when she decided to also release a Norteña version of Irreemplazable. Her diction is flawless but this fusion is absolutely terrible.

...or is it?

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