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    Swifties Can't Believe Taylor Might Be Ending "The Eras Tour" In THIS Canadian City – Here Are All The Best Reactions From Her Canadian Fans

    Step 1) Register for Verified Fan Presale on Ticketmaster. Step 2) Look at flights to Vancouver.

    In about one year from now, Taylor Swift will be embarking on the Canadian leg of "The Eras Tour" starting with six shows at the Rogers Centre in Toronto in November 2024.

    Fan holds a sign that says TORONTO Loves TS.

    But if you're a Canadian Swiftie (ME!) who didn't manage to get tickets to any of the SIX Toronto shows, you might be celebrating TODAY! Because Tay has officially announced THREE more shows in Vancouver, British Columbia on December 6th, 7th, and 8th of next year!

    It's an EARLY CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! 😭 So I took to Twitter (only after I registered for presale, of course) to gauge the mood in the fanbase.

    In The Great War of Ticketmaster, will we experience victory? Or will we once again face that dreaded word...... Waitlist.

    Twitter: @rainstormsswift

    Twitter: @yisingkao

    Twitter: @mirrorswifft

    Twitter: @folkevermore_15

    Twitter: @ImKatherineAlex

    Snow On The Beach? More like snow AT the CONCERT.....

    Twitter: @virtueswift

    Twitter: @penthouseheart

    Twitter: @sarahbradIey

    Vancouver Swifties, in particular, are rejoicing after many long months of feeling like they were forgotten by Mother....

    Twitter: @erastourticks

    Twitter: @tswiftstyle

    Twitter: @cowboylikemelly

    Twitter: @erastourticks

    And as of right now, this marks the December 8th, 2024 show as the LAST. SHOW. OF. THE. ERAS. TOUR. But don't hold your breath for this, according to these fan reactions.

    Twitter: @fragileflame13

    Twitter: @parisrae13

    Twitter: @1989_vinyl

    Whether it's the closing show or not, it's time to grab your parkas and start making your friendship bracelets NOW – it's gonna be WAY too cold to be beading next winter. TRUST us, Americans. We would never lead you astray......


    From a Canadian to American: Don’t come to Toronto for the Era’s Tour!!!!! Snow. Polar Bears. No roofs. It’s not worth it girl, don’t do it. #taylorswift #taylorswifttok #erastour #toronto #erastourtaylorswift #erastourtoronto

    ♬ Stop That Train! - The Fly Guy Five

    And from me and mine, to you and yours, I wish all Swiftie families luck during these thrilling times. May the odds be ever in your favour.....

    Let us know in the comments below if YOU got a presale code! And make sure to follow us on TikTok and Instagram!