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10 Things Vegetarians Wish You'd Stop Saying

You eat meat, we don't eat meat.. let's move along shall we?

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3. "But animals eat animals. Why is that not wrong?"

Hmmmm.... could have something to do with the whole not raising-thousands-of-animals-in-horrific-confined-abusive-manure-covered-environments-where-all-they-do-is-suffer-their-whole-lives thing.

4. "You see these sharp teeth here, these are called canines, we have them because humans are meant to eat meat"

Oops! This whole time we thought we had them so we can bite the neck off whoever gives us this lame justification.

9. "Vegetarians are so pretentious. It's like you think you're better than us"

Oh gosh, so sorry you felt that way! But by all means please continue your tirade and trash talking about how lame our diet, beliefs, and lifestyle are.

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