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12 Struggles You Face When You're Bad At Seeing Movies

Sometimes life just gets in the way. But you can catch up on the latest award-winning movies and cult classics whenever it suits you thanks to iTunes.

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1. You have a never-ending list of movies you want to see but haven't gotten around to yet.

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It just keeps growing and growing.

2. People react like someone has died when they find out you haven't seen certain ~classics~.

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(It's usually accompanied by yelling.)

3. And often, you have to justify yourself by explaining that you COULDN'T EVEN WALK when they were released.

4. Sometimes when people quote movies, you take them literally because you can't tell if they're being serious or not.


Yeah, Arnie, what time?!

5. You live in constant fear of spoilers.


The internet is a dangerous place.

6. Especially at work the day after a new release.

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Hot tip: NEVER trust someone when they start a sentence with, "I promise this won't ruin it, but..."

7. You never understand any of the new movie-related jokes or memes.

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That's right, you just smile and nod along.

8. And trying to change the topic to something else never seems to work.


All of a sudden it's like you have nothing in common with anyone.

9. Whenever you try to go to the cinema, the session times are either too late...

^You with your choc-top in any session after 8pm.

10. ...or there are no decent seats available.

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The struggle is real.

11. And you can never find anyone to go with because they've all already seen it.

12. But eventually, when you do get around to watching them, you finally understand what all the fuss was about. / Via

Better late than never, hey?

Don't worry if you just missed it at the cinema. All the latest award-winning films and cult classics are now showing on a iPad, TV, or laptop near you with iTunes.