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21 Glee Covers That Were Almost As Good As The Originals

No, they'll never be better, but they came damn close!

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1. And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going

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Let's be real- Mercedes was better than Rachel, and she was the diva that New Directions always deserved. Everybody knew it, and hearing her belt out the Dreamgirls classic was a defining moment for her and for the show.

2. Teenage Dream

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I know I wasn't the only one swooning over those dulcet tones and sharp blazers! Hearing the Dalton Academy Warblers take on one of Katy Perry's signature songs rocketed them into the hearts of Gleeks everywhere.

3. Gloria

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Does anyone else constantly replay this on Spotify? No? Just me? Okay, cool. Hearing ADAM FREAKING LAMBERT belt out an 80's chart-topper with Rachel and Santana (who are wearing some cute af waitress outfits) was an iconic performance that only Glee could produce.

7. Last Name

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Sure, Kristin Chenoweth was definitely too old to be in glee club, but you can't deny how amazing she sounds on this country track. Bonus points for the undeniable chemistry between her and Puck.

8. Holding Out For A Hero

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We should all aspire to achieve Kitty's skill level with a whip. Her and Marley were the heroines that the glee club needed in the post-Rachel era, and this 80's anthem demonstrates exactly why.

9. Jessie's Girl

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If the writers gave Jessie his name just so Finn could sing this song, I'm honestly super okay with that. Watching Finn call out Rachel in the choir room in front of the entire glee club was truly epic.

11. My Life Would Suck Without You

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Watching Mr. Schu hurry to kiss Ms. Pillsbury while the New Directions relived the greatest moments from their first few months as a team was the kind of heartstring-pulling sequence that made Glee such a breakout success in its first season.

13. Smooth Criminal

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Santana and Sebastien were the baddest bitches in New Directions and the Warblers, respectively. Their heated confrontation (underscored by some sweet cello-ing) blew me away. Also, for a gay man and a lesbian, they had a ton of sexual chemistry.

14. Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way or Another

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The Troubletones represent an unfortunate chapter in Glee history, but, if nothing else, we were gifted with this unparalleled mashup, set to the sounds of dodgeballs ricocheting off of unsuspecting New Directions members. Bonus points for being one of the most gif-able songs ever.

15. Keep Holding On

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Okay, so, everyone's singing here, but this song is definitely all about Quinn. Season one was Quinn at her most vulnerable, and the way that New Directions supported her through her pregnancy, even though both her boyfriend and the guy that got her pregnant were both in the glee club, was undeniably sweet.

18. Me Against the Music

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Sorry Klaine fans, but Brittana was where it was at, where it is at, and where it will always be at! The set-up for the number, involving an anesthesia-induced dream sequence in the office of Dr. Carl, DDS, may have been a wee bit contrived, but it was still fabulous.

20. Valerie

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Yeah, I know there's a lot of Santana on this list. Sue me. I like Santana, and her first competition solo is a damn fine one. The song is amazing, her vocals are amazing, and this performance is ICONIC.

21. Take Me Home Tonight

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I've watched this episode, and I still don't fully understand why the Glee kids are performing this song while holding dogs and surrounded by old people (including the incomparable June Squibb), but I'm not mad about it. The show had clearly jumped the shark at this point, but at least they had puppies!

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