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12 Amazing Songs From Lesser-Known Musicals

For when you feel like you'll punch someone if you hear Waving Through a Window one more time...

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1. Unworthy of Your Love (Assassins)

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Assassins is one of Sondheim's less frequently buzzed about musicals, so this hauntingly beautiful duet never quite received the full praise it is owed. Embedded with longing, obsession and desire, it's easy to forget that a song this gorgeous is performed by the Ford and Reagan's attempted killers.

2. I Think We Got Love (Zanna, Don't!)

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A campy cult classic, Zanna, Don't imagines what life would be like if same-sex couplings were the norm, and heterosexuals were forced to hide in the closet. This duet is a sweet and addictive celebration of newfound attraction between football team quarterback Steve and chess team captain Mike. It's pretty much a perfect song- if we ignore what happens later in the play.

3. The World According to Chris (Carrie)

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For those of you unfamiliar with the Stephen King's oft-adapted classic, Carrie tells the story of a high school outcast and her eventual revenge on her persecutors. This song is sung by Carrie's main aggressor, Chris Hagerson, and her clique, and it provides insight into why and how she maintains her status as the HBIC of Bates High School.

4. A-List (Bad Girls: The Musical)

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Based on the popular British television drama, the show is set in a women's prison filled with big personalities and, in the stage adaptation, fabulous singers. A song that is about finding joy in a dire situation, A-List is the glitzy, brass-filled showstopper that every musical should aspire to achieve.

5. Lost (Fugitive Songs)

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Tracking individuals on the run, Fugitive Songs is an eclectic potpourri of styles and voices, and this song completely encapsulates the spirit of powering through when out of your element. The linked version is performed by the sensational Barrett Wilbert Weed of Heathers fame, but there is an equally fabulous version on Spotify by Karen Olivo (In the Heights, West Side Story).

6. Be Good or Be Gone (Pump Boys and Dinettes)

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A classic country melody infused with honky-tonk sound, Be Good or Be Gone presents a woman giving her husband an ultimatum, and it overflows with energy and sass.

7. Candy Store (Heathers: The Musical)

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Adapted from the iconic 80's flick, Heathers is about mean girls and high school woes. Candy Store is the perfect ode to the fiercest bitches to ever grace stage or screen.

8. I Want More (Lestat)

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Adapted from Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles, Lestat is chock full of bloodsucking demons. A fresh vampirism convert, Claudia sings an eerie anthem devoted to her newfound lust.

9. I Want It All (Baby)

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Not to be confused with the equally-fabulous, identically-titled song from High School Musical 3, this song depicts a trio of ladies declaring their passion, desire and lust for life.

10. It's All Happening (Bring It On: The Musical)

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If Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway creations were Destiny's Child, Bring It On would definitely be Michelle (no offense, Michelle). That said, this song is packed with the infectious energy that is synonymous with his work.

11. You're Nothing Without Me (City of Angels)

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You're Nothing Without Me imagines what might occur if an author could talk to his character. As it turns out, they'd put their witty banter to music and sing a duet. IMPORTANT: This song was covered by fabulous angelic divas Tina Fey and Titus Burgess. You can check out that version here.

12. Disneyland (Smile)

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A classic "I want" song, Disneyland taps into the childlike wonder in everyone. The song is a nostalgic anthem for those wanting to return to a simpler, more idyllic time.

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