11 Feelings We All Have When We’re Summed For Jury Duty

The patriotic duty we all dread to receive.

1. Surprise.

What is this letter? Jury summons? But I DIDN’T commit a crime!

2. Fear.

There are no exemptions? What does that mean? What if my boss says I have to come in anyways? What about the kids? But I just started a job! I CAN’T DO THIS!

3. Judgement.

“Everyone who is qualified must serve.” Maybe I’m not qualified? What does that mean? Why should America JUDGE ME?

4. Relief.

“All applications for postponement…” I can postpone?! This day has just gotten better - no jury duty for me!

5. Anxiety

Already postponed? Don’t have a good reason not to? You’re going to have to do jury duty? Yeah, it happens to the best of us.

6. Acceptance.

Jury Duty can be fun! Maybe I won’t have to serve. Maybe I’ll get a “fun” case! Maybe I’ll break my leg just in time!

7. Brainstorming.

I can use a medical excuse to get out of jury duty? Is a really bad cough good enough? Do I know someone I could get the flu from? What does WebMD say is a really bad disease to have?

8. Acceptance (again).

It’s alright. I’m going to do it. It’s going to be ALL RIGHT. So over the entire process already.

9. Excitement.

I wonder what it’s going to be like. At least I get paid from the government while I participate in my civic duty! Silver lining right?

10. Resentment.

What a great place America is RIGHT? I get to waste a day to just sit in a courtroom waiting for my number to be called. Thanks America.

11. Pride.

Actually, thanks America. Glad to be able to do such a service to my country and be a part of a jury of peers for someone…or something. Thanks for summoning me America!

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