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10 College Lessons From Gilmore Girls That Everyone Should Follow

Oh Rory Gilmore. You taught us exactly what NOT to do in college.

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Don't stay in love with your married ex-boyfriend/first love. / Via

Unless you really really like/love them, life might be better if you just stay "friends." College is all about meeting and maybe even dating some new people!

Don't room with your high school frenemy. / Via

While it worked for Paris and Rory, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work out in the real, non Amy Sherman-Palladino created world. Take the risk and room with someone you don't know - that could lead to an actual friend than frenemy.

Study AND join a variety of clubs. / Via

I'm sure Rory got amazing grades (except on that final she never finished), but she was only ever on the Yale Daily News. Get out there and explore - join that outdoor club even if you've never gone hiking before.

Be upfront about friend zoning. / Via

Poor, Poor Marty. Chances are if you're feeling the VIBES from someone and don't feel it back, let them know! Don't string the poor person around on third wheel dates (especially when they cost $75).

If you live close to home, don't visit that much. / Via

I was lucky enough to live only two hours away from home when I was in college. But, I didn't visit home every weekend like Rory did. It's good to get some distance and learn some independence - you'll need it once you graduate.

Break up with your boyfriend before hooking up with a professor. / Via

I mean, COME ON! If you like someone new and you're still dating someone, break up with the person before letting them down harshly. It's just common courtesy.

Try not to judge too harshly if your friend starts a fling with a professor. / Via

It happens. Really it does. And if it's not a professor, it might be someone you don't approve of and you should at LEAST give them a chance. Unless they are like a murderer or something, then please get your friend away from them ASAP.

DON'T wait to make new friends till senior year. / Via

While senior year is full of meeting new people, don't wait till the last few months to make lasting friendships. Every year should be a year to meet someone new!

When in doubt, ALWAYS run away with Jess Mariano/Milo Ventimiglia. / Via

HOW COULD YOU RESIST HIM?! So dreamy. But really, chase your heart through college - dating only gets "harder" when you're out of college.

DO spring break. / Via

Whether it means going back home and having your parents feed you for a week or going to Cabo and partying every night, just do something during spring break! And if you decide to really party, Lorelai Gilmore would approve and be ready to offer you baby's first hangover food - mac and cheese.

Most of all, do everything you WANT to do! / Via

Rory did and that's why we loved Gilmore Girls in the first place. Don't be afraid to try new things and don't shy away from new experiences. You never know where it might lead!

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