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Candyy ?

Mar 2016
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    Candyy ? commented on Retail Workers — Tell Us What You're Absolutely Sick Of People Doing During COVID-19

    our return policy changed to 60 days w/ the receipt when covid first hit. we have customers that will STILL try to return stuff from the middle of the first lockdown and get PISSED when we won’t return it

    4 months ago

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    Candyy ? commented on We Wanna See Your Absolute Favorite Tattoos

    my mom, growing up, use to tell me “love by the moon, live by the stars, and the oceans guide you home” & i’ve kept that with me. it was my favorite tattoo to get done :)

    1 year ago

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    Candyy ? commented on What Is The Worst Thing You've Ever Witnessed At A Restaurant?

    i use to work at TGIFridays and for my ex a job there. when i quit, i went with my new boyfriend and a group of friends for dinner. when we got there, we had to ask for our server to come to the table and my ex sat at the bar right next to us the entire time. it took forever for our… 

    2 years ago

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