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55 Sad Little Mix Lyrics For When You Need A Dramatic Instagram Caption

Little mix; the biggest girlgroup nowadays; with their four successful albums: DNA, Salute, Get Weird and recently Glory Days, released +60 songs, +20 songs between them are really heart touching. Here are some deep little mix lyrics :

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1. You want the best so sorry that's clearly not me.

2. But sometimes it can get so hard, pretending it's okay.

3. I wish that it could be like that, why can't it be like that? cause I'm yours.

4. I tried to smile today then I realized there's no point anyway.

5. I'm alive, and living's just a beating heart.

6. But all you left me with was scars and that's the hardest part.

7. I've tried goodbye a hundred times, not one of them true.

8. I still feel the love when I see your face.

9. I don't wanna live love this way; I don't wanna hide us away.

10. Why can't I hold you in the street? Why can't I kiss you in the dancefloor?

11. Once we were made like towers; everything could have been ours.

12. But I only like myself when I'm with you

13. I wish I didn't love you again.

14. Why can't I say that I'm in love?

15. I wanna shout it from the rooftops.

16. I feel so numb; staring at the shower wall.

17. I am the diamond you left in the dust.

18. You stole the love that I saved for myself; and I watched you give it to somebody else.

19. Wouldn't notice if I disappeared.

20. It's begun, the feeling that the end has come.

21. In this time, I've lost all sense of pride.

22. Am I still not good enough?

23. Sorry for the smile I'm wearing now.

24. If you're not here to turn the lights off, I can't sleep these four walls and me.

25. Your pillow's wet from all these tears I've cried.

26. Am I still not worth that much?

27. I hear your name and it's like I'm breaking, aching.

28. Does it hurt? knowing you're fuel to my flame

29. I just wanna scream out 'til my voice breaks.

30. I am the future you lost in the past.

31. I feel your touch when I'm alone at night, but it's just me who's holding tight.

32. There's nothing left but these I love you's.

33. Your love wore thin and I never win.

34. What do we have to lose, since I'm already losing you.

35. And my heart won't beat again if I can't feel him in my veins.

36. If I hear your voice I'll be fine.

37. What if I had one more night for goodbye?

38. But love isn't fair.

39. You used to tell me that you loved me once.

40. Baby what have we become? What happened?

41. Cause we all do the same thing, we just don't realise that we're living on borrowed time.

42. I know it's love cause I will always be the first to start making up excuses when it hurts.

43. We used to never go to bed angry but it's all we ever do lately.

44. You're turning away like you hate me. Do you hate me?

45. You can take this heart, heal it or break it all apart.

46. But I'm alone again, and all I want is to feel again.

47. There's nobody like you.

48. Love me or leave me here.

49. love me baby please cause I could still be the only one you need.

50. You turn, and I learn that the walls come falling down.

51. I'm screaming "I don't want you" but you know that I do.

52. You only see me when my guard is down.

53. But you left it too late; now my heart feels nothing at all.

54. Leave, you're not the boy you said you'd be.

55. Yeah I could still be that place where you run , instead of the one that you're running from, ooh.

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