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    • Itsnotreal

      I worked in a canning factory and It was not unusual to watch vegetables being tossed from the floor into huge vats with shovels. Of course it was assumed that the floor and shovels were sanitized or were they? Also I noted as I was packing cans of vegetables the number of popular different brand names came from one factory to be sold to markets all over. So your “cheap” brand and the “expensive” brand came from the same factory. Eating all grain bread often tastes like it has sawdust in it and it probably does. But worst of all our grains no longer provide us with the same nutrition. Today our grains have been altered and change to sugars rather than proteins in our bodies. Do we need to change our eating habits? How, by knowing exactly what’s in it and how its produced. If our bodies are not given nutritional “natural” sources then our bodies will not function well. It’s scary when our children are obese in childhood today with stroke, high blood pressure and multitudes of disorders that previously have been considered a rarity. We really need to know what they are doing with our food behind closed doors. Also, in addition humanity has shown its nasty side out of greed and science. Let’s look at the treatment of animals that are used for our meat sources. The title is 14 things you don’t want to Know about your food. Well there is lots more and hopefully sooner than later we will become much more curious and help create healthy changes to the way our food sources are produced and consumed.

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