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    • itsmealisona

      I’m Canadian, but have family who live in Florida. My husband is black,Iam not. My mother fears for our safety when we go out at night because racism is stillaserious problem in the US. Anyone could haveahandgun on their person. Also, it still surprises me to see confederate flags on display. We all knew Zimmerman would get off because there is no real justice forablack person in the south still today in 2013. And in Florida shockingly its been made legal that you can kill an unarmed kid, after pickingafight with him because maybe Zimmerman was scaring the crap out of him. Why don’t more people think that Trayvon was scared for his own safety. After all, he was being followed byastranger. My husband is an intellect,apeaceful man who enjoys going for walks at night to relax, but now he won’t be able to because some creep can kill him and get away with it. Andabunch of rednecks on the internet will be there to trash talk him, despite ever knowing him.

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