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    25 Reasons Why Cleveland Is The Best

    Cleveland is the best city on the planet. Your argument is invalid.

    1. Ohio...with Beaches.

    There are numerous, gorgeous beaches on Lake Erie.

    As Melissa Etheridge said, "Y'all got your own ocean here in Cleveland!"

    2. Slyman's.

    The largest corned-beef distributor in Ohio, and the top sandwich in Cleveland.

    What's not to love?

    3. A Christmas Story

    It was filmed here AND there is a whole museum dedicated to the movie.

    Oh, and the leg lamp.

    4. It has the second largest theater district in the United States only to New York.

    And with much cheaper tickets and parking, how could you go wrong?

    5. Food.

    We have some of the best restaurants ever.

    We have Michael Symon!

    6. It's cheap.

    We've got a low cost of living and we like it that way. It's cheap to settle down and enjoy everything this great city has to offer.

    7. It has all 4 seasons. And they're all pretty.

    8. Movies! The Avengers, Spider-Man 3, Captain America, and other great films were filmed here.

    9. The Emerald Necklace

    The Cleveland Metroparks are great.

    10. Bored? (Like that could happen) Akron and Canton are less than an hour away!

    11. Our Art Museum is one of the best in the world.

    12. The Cleveland Orchestra is the third most recorded in the world!

    13. We have strong character because of Believeland.

    14. We literally invented Rock & Roll.

    In 1951, disc jockey Alan Freed began playing the music style while coining the term rock and roll to describe it.

    15. And we have a HUGE museum dedicated to it.

    16. Coventry Village. It's like our own little hippie-ville.

    17. Little Italy. Great food. And bocce ball.

    18. The West Side Market - Cleveland's Oldest and Most Trusted Market.

    19. We have great festivals.

    The Bedford Strawberry Festival, Blossomtime Chagrin, the Hessler Street Fair, and many, many more!

    20. We're only an hour from Cedar Point. That's right. An hour.

    21. If you have to get sick, you'll want to in Cleveland. The Cleveland Clinic is in the top 4 hospitals in the nation.

    22. Our towels aren't terrible.

    Actually, they are quite soft and nice.

    23. Cleveland is the hometown of beautiful, famous people

    Paul Newman, Halle Berry, Drew Carey, Joel Gray, Kid Cudi, and literally like 900 more.

    24. Ted Mosby

    He knows you love Cleveland.

    25. Cleveland Rocks, the end.

    All other cities can pack up and go home.

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