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15 Snapchat Enthusiasts That Will Inspire You To Take Better Snaps

How creative are you on Snapchat? These 15 Snapchat heroes will make you realise what snapchat is all about!

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1. Casey Neistat / Via

Film director and producer Casey Neistat is definitely someone to follow!

Well known for his Youtube vlog, Casey's video directing and editing in truly inspiring for any creative person (or non-creative for that matter).

Follow Casey on Snapchat (CaseyNeistat) for a behind-the-scenes look into his daily adventures and vlog making.

2. Snapchat pro, Shaun McBride, AKA Shonduras / Via

With his witty illustrations, crazy adventures & celebrity meet ups, his snaps will keep you entertained everyday!

He likes skateboarding, cereal, wiener dogs & highfives and is well known for his "Hey Mom" airport-pranks. I'm sure many of you reading this already follow him, but If you don't, add him (Shonduras). You can find out more here.

3. Talkin' Snap with celebrity Snapchatter, Mark Kaye

Via Twitter: @markkaye

Radio presenter & celebrity snap-chatter, Mark Kaye, is best known for is Snapchat talk show - Talkin' Snap.

He's also the creator of "The 24 Hour Snapchat Project". Armed with nothing but his iPhone and New York City at his feet, Mark stayed awake for 24 straight hours; snapping is entire experience.

You can also interact with Mark live on Twitter's Periscope.

4. Cyrene Quiamco

Via Twitter: @cyreneQ

I call her the Snapchat fairy! If you're a fan of Disney cartoons and artistic drawings; follow this lady! Her snapchat art is truly amazing! I mean just look at her Frozen inspired snap! You can see more here.

5. Audrey Cakes

Via Twitter: @cakes1todough1

Okay, I'm going to warn you now...Audrey loves cats! Like really, she loves'em. But, she's also a talented artist and Snapchat enthusiast.

Follow Audrey (cakes1todough1) to see her cat inspired artwork-snaps (they're so cool). Plus, she's hilarious!

7. Julz Goddard AKA YesJulz

Via Twitter: @yesjulz

If you haven't heard of YesJulz yet, you soon will. Known as the 'Director of Vibes' YesJulz is one of the most entertaining Snap-chatters alive!

Documenting her entire Miami lifestyle (there's not much she doesn't snap), her stories are better than most reality TV shows. Definitely a person to follow. Quick note for the guys: She's a hottie! You can find out more here.

8. OperAmericano

Via Twitter: @operamericano

This young lady is one of my favourite Snap-chatters. Mixing her incredible talents of drawing and story telling, anything is possible on her Snapchat!

Operamericano really brings her drawings to life. Sometime's I think I'm watching a cartoon show; it's really that good! Such an enjoyable account to follow!

You can check out her past stories here.

9. Justin Flom the Magician

Justin is a magician (you can find his tricks on Youtube).

Add him on Snapchat (JustinFlom) to follow his journey and adventures between his shows. You'll also get get a behind-the-scenes look at what a magicians life is's pretty cool.

10. Joe's Daily

Via Twitter: @joesdaily

Joe is a men's lifestyle and travel blogger. He's always up to something cool, or going somewhere hot. Follow him on Snapchat (JoesDaily) to see what he gets up to. From time to time he's sent cool new products; which he reviews on Snapchat too! Check out his website for more information.

11. Dasha Battelle AKA dabttll

Via Twitter: @dabattelle

Dasha is an extremely talented Snapchat enthusiast from New York. She's worked for both Mashable and Snapchat. When it comes to Snapchat art, she's one of the best!

You can check her complete doodling portfolio on her website.

13. Mike Platco AKA mplatco

Via Twitter: @mplatco

Mike is a professional Snapchat artist...he literally is a professional. When he's not doodling on Snapchat, he's working with business brands; helping them with their Snapchat right? You can check out his full work portfolio on his website.

14. Adriana Rivas

Via Twitter: @artistwonders

Adriana is a talented artist and Snapchat enthusiast with more creativity and imagination than anyone I know! Follow her (artist_wonders) to see her amazing Snaps! You can also see her past Snapchat stories here.

Also, take a look at these guys:

@AlexTweetsHere (decalex), Christian Casple (c2casiple), Jeffrey Lewis (jeffreylewis26), Ryan Borill (ryanborill)

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this! I hope you found this helpful. Tweet me to let me know who your favourite snapchatters are! And, add me on Snapchat of course! (itsLouisJohn). Peace!

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