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Everyone spends! But why not spend smart so you have more for the things you truly want?

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1. Make full use of promo codes

Shopping online or taking a Grab or Uber? Make sure you make use of beautiful promo codes the 21st century has to offer! Some sites sell vouchers, coupons or codes at a ‘cheaper than usual’ price. Enjoying indulgences after a hard day’s work is important but don’t forget to spend smart!

3. What happens in incognito, stays in incognito

Some travel companies increase prices if they know you’ve been looking. So when booking a holiday, switch to a private browser or clear your cookies to get the cheapest rates for your flights and hotels!

4. Only buy if it haunts you

If you’re uncertain about buying an item, or if it is slightly pricey, don’t buy just yet! Instead, continue shopping around or give it a few days. If you still desire to purchase the item after the set time, then go back to the store to purchase it!

5. Don’t spend just because there’s a sale or promotion

Unless you’ve been wanting to shop at a specific place or buy a specific item, a sale or promotion shouldn’t be an excuse to spend.

Let’s say you only wanted to buy one pack of stickers, but a promotion offers two packs for a cheaper price. Don't purchase it if you know you aren't going to use it. You'll not only save on costs but also unnecessary hoarding.

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