• Artist Spotlight: January May

    The band, January May, arrived in Winter Park, Florida from Austin, Texas to work with students at Full Sail University as winners of a new artist development program. The music business students are prime candidates of being highly sought after individuals as the gate keepers into the new 3300+ Climbing project because they are the only way for independent musicians to enter into this competition.

  • How Technology Is Redefining Television

    To show how technology develops exponentially with the equipment used for broadcasting, cable and specialty networks into cloud-based content to outsource to mobile devices. Read more here. Watch the video below to learn how YouTube has changed the game for the music industry.

  • Celebrity Status Competition In Central Florida

    Do you want to live like a rock star? Hello my name is Jessica Northey and I would like to share with you about an event coming to Orlando. It’s a chance for singers and rappers to compete in a free talent search called ‘The Celebrity Status’, in which the winner receives a $100,000 cash and exposure on radio and television. Read more here.

  • Hip Hop Artist Brands With Stylish Shades

    The entertainment industry is a tough beast to conquer and those who do all have one thing in common. They have a strong personal brand that matches who they are and what they represent as an individual in order to stand out. The products they represent are a way of marketing their career in music, radio, film and television. Read more here.

  • Barefoot Wine Sponsors Jingle Eve 2013

    The Jingle Eve 2013 Wine Stroll Event is a neighborhood celebration of small businesses in a growing community in Orlando, Florida. It included 12 ‘wine stops’ at a variety of shops within Ivanhoe Village. Festivities included food trucks, vendors, artist, music, a boat show and Santa’s Workshop. Read more here.

  • Children Fighting Heart Defects

    “A CHD means a child is born with an abnormally structured heart and/or large vessels. Such hearts may have incomplete or missing parts, may be put together the wrong way, may have holes between chamber partitions or may have narrow or leaky valves or narrow vessels.” Read more here.

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