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Britney Spears: A Normal 20-Something College Girl

This is list that proves that Queen Britney is actually just a college girl, trying to find her place in this world.

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Meet Britney Jean Spears

she's just a normal girl...

She goes to movie theaters

"He's actually been a ghost the whole movie!"

and karaoke bars

"Put another dime in the jukebox, baby!"

She loves the beach

"Hehe look at the waves. Look at the sand!"

and tried Yoga for exercise, because running is too big of a commitment

aaaaannndd, mountain pose

Her best friend is her iPhone

"hold on ya'll, i need to check twitter, insta, Facebook, snapchat, and my email."

She sends embarrassing snapchats to her friends

Of course, she loves puppies...

"who's a good dog?!"

...and candles

...and gets pissed when she can't have them in her dorm room.

She has a really hard time waking up for her 9:10 class on Monday

and has trouble paying attention in English 101 because she's thinking about what she'll wear to the ABC party on friday

Not to mention she is barely managing a C+ in her Spanish 112

Espanol is muy hard

She loves green tea, because it's healthy..

"i really wanna lose 3 pounds"

...but she really loves Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza more

She can't go a day without Starbucks

"need. caffiene. like. now."

...and goes into a severe depression when Pumpkin Spice Latte season is over

She still isn't completely over her high-school sweetheart

" night I pray, that soon your face will fade away"

She tried a new hairstyle her sophomore year because she was trying to figure out who she really was

and has made a bad fashion decision

...or two

"i thought this was in, ya'll"

She spends 3 hours getting ready for the Roaring 20's themed fraternity social that she was invited too...

...only to look like this 3 hours later

She gets white girl wasted with her friends

"i'm ready to get shit-canned tonight!"

...goes to the hottest bar on campus, ready to DANCE...


...has one too many vodka sodas...

...makes out with a random guy in the bathroom...

"are you a freshman?"

...ends up being "that girl" who grinds on the back wall of the bar...

"get it, get it"

...and drunkenly kissed her friend that is a girl, just once though

"'s college"

Every weekend, she begs her sober friend to take her to Taco Bell at 3 am for a cheesy gordita crush

...and it's the best day of her life when they say yes

She rocks the messy bun and sweats in public

...because she was too hungover to do anything else.

...and in general just loves any normal, girly thing

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