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32 Convenient Duolingo Phrases For When You're Abroad

It behooves you to learn the sometimes questionable phrases of Duolingo.

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1. As the old Portuguese saying goes...


2. But would this get you kicked off the flight?


3. You're getting a little too real with me, Duolingo. / Via Instagram: @marvelousthings

4. Isn't it rude not to?


5. Should I check Urban Dictionary for "feather"? / Via Instagram: @spacedogs

6. Say this when housekeeping knocks. / Via Instagram: @chungnho

7. As far as code phrases go, this one may raise too much suspicion. / Via Instagram: @meg_haligh

9. Are you trying to seduce me, Mr. Duolingo? / Via Instagram: @the_bayway

10. You'll be the Brazilian Stephen King.


11. For when you write that procedural for Italian television. / Via Instagram: @hashtagpo_lees

12. Duolingo recognizes pop culture phenomena. / Via Instagram: @kristyycat

13. And it's because Duolingo is so fetch. / Via Instagram: @master_kimbo

14. That is unsettling.


15. Your cats might drunk-dial you while you're away. / Via Instagram: @zaen_y

16. In Denmark, ninjas feel comfortable stepping out of the shadows. / Via Instagram: @daniellemariesc

17. Dog-cat relations are at an all-time high. / Via Instagram: @marytylermog

18. ... Because it lays golden eggs? / Via Instagram: @duedelue

20. (1) Yes, (2) Sometimes, (3) I know! / Via Instagram: @anthonylukas

21. The Bear and the Three Goldilocks / Via Instagram: @suggittandsee

23. What is happening in The Netherlands? / Via Instagram: @oofstar

24. Is this because he saw the lion eat the children? / Via Instagram: @firstofautumn

26. My Swanglish is much better than my Danish. / Via Instagram: @ispyzara

27. The sigh of relief when you realize 'papa' means 'potato'. / Via Instagram: @bintajen

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