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15 Jennifer Lawrence Moments To Make Snuggle Bubbles In Your Cold Dead Heart

Feeling cold as ice?The winter darkness getting you down? It's okay. These J. Law moments will make your heart feel lighter than a unicorn's hair flip.

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1. When Miley Was Mean

Rule 332, Section 8 of Girl Code: If fellow girl puketh, ye either hold her hair, or take thyself yonder. Read: if a random girl is drunk and puking, don't be a bitch about it.

2. But J.Law Got Even

If thou disobeth Rule 332, Section of 8 of Girl Code, Rule 1, Section 1 is fair gameth. i.e. If we're not friends, and you were mean to me in a toilet, your ex is fair game.

5. J. Law Is The BFF Of Our Dreams Item 3.

SAME DAY. SAME BOTTLE OF WINE. HUGS. BLANKETS. SO MANY FEELS. Look at that smile! If that doesn't peel the barnacles off your heart, I don't know what will.

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