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Meet The New Cast Of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

FX hires a brand new cast for the hit comedy, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?! Looks like they've decided to cut "the gang" loose and exchange them for a whole new one. And their replacements?? Let's just say they're a little, uh, different. Check out It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Thursdays at 10P only on FX.

Rob McElhenney released this statement:

"Well, there comes a time in every show's existence where the actors realize this is enough, seven years is a very long period of time. We said everything we wanted to say, did everything we wanted to do and our lives changed dramatically, we all got married, had kids, and we felt like it was time to put the show aside and really focus on our families."

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Casting America's TV sweetheart was obvious. This'll give the Waitress storyline the edge it's been lacking for the past seven seasons.

Critics have been panning the show for years based on its lack of racial diversity. And who else but Xzibit of Pimp My Ride fame could fix that!

This one was perhaps the toughest call of all, but ultimately, Dennis just didn't have enough abs anymore.

This one was planned from the beginning, but it took a few years for Haley to fill out. Now that the two look virtually the same, it was time for Rob McElhenney to find a new job.

ADC's sunglasses were just cooler. Deal with it.

It's unclear how viewers are going to react to the new gang, but it's a pretty safe bet that this season's ratings will be through the roof.