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Why BBC Has Mastered Sherlock Holmes

There have been many Sherlock's over the years, yet finally, someone has gotten it right. BBC, thank you. You have given us a sophisticated and sarcastic Sherlock. Not to mention, he is quite easy on the eyes.

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He's human.

Through all of the sarcastic and rude put downs throughout the show, we are starting to see Sherlock care for other people. Like his best friend, John. It's nice to see Sherlock have some compassion. We relate, love.

He's badass... in a geeky, bruiting way.

Not only is he ridiculously attentive, he is ridiculously adorable when throwing burglars out of windows. Not something you would expect from a brilliant, socially awkward, self proclaimed "highly functioning sociopath."

Keep up the good work BBC. Well done, mate. Well done.

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