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I Am A Girl. & I Am Beyond Excited For Entourage. Especially Ari Gold.

The trailer for Entourage was released last week and next summer we will all be reliving the humorous adventures of Vince, E, Turtle, Drama & Ari. As being a professional in the real world, I enjoy Ari's sense of humor and low tolerance for...well, anything. Here are so great words of wisdom, as told by Ari Gold.

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5. Be Honest.

You can't apologize for being yourself. And you shouldn't have to. But you can take into consideration the feelings of those most important in your life and make an effort to respect their wishes even if they have different outlooks on life than you do.

6. Have Confidence.

Even if you aren't 100% sure on something, confidence will make you seem like a professional. Always have confidence. Believe in yourself. In the words of Ari Gold, "It's game time baby. Wake the f*ck up!"

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