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7 Emotions Of Your Corporate Holiday Party

It's the same thing every year. The company holiday party that you're excited for in July yet dreading in December. & these my friends, are the most accurate emotions of how one feels about this time of the year (at least for me.)

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1. The "OMG I Can't Wait!"

You know, it's July & everyone is discussing how this year Mary is going to be platonic at the Christmas party following her messy breakup to Doug. Oh and it's free alcohol & food. Let's party!

2. The "How Do I Get Out of This?"

The week before the party you are thinking of anything & everything to get out of this party. "I'm sick" or "My best friend's cousin's dog died." You are dreading this party. & you spend your all time at work thinking of ways to get out of going to this function.

3. The "Okay, I will accept the fact that I am going."

Okay. You tried & you failed. Now it's time to accept it and pregame a little before the holiday party so the people you work with are more tolerable. Oh is that just me? You promise yourself "I am not drinking at this party."

4. The "Is this appropriate?"

It's a party and you want to dress like it. Do you really have to wear those boring dress pants and a matching blazer? No. You're wearing that black Bailey 44 dress & Louboutins. You'll be the best looking one there, right?. But just in case, you're going to try on those pants, aren't you?

5. The "Okay, one glass of wine won't hurt."

One glass, two glasses, three glasses, four. And then you are everyone's best friend & talking about how much you LOVE your job. Really? Do you really? But everyone else is just as tipsy & what are you supposed to sit around on Twitter while everyone else is enjoying themselves?

6. The "I have work at 9 a.m. Bye."

Whose idea was it to have a holiday party on a weekday? Well it's the thought that counts. But if you expect us to be in the office at 9.a.m, we are going to have to cut this short. It's way past our bedtime & we have to be able to function in the morning. Oh and now we have to sober up real quick in order to walk away from this table gracefully.

7. The "How did you enjoy the party?"

The next morning when your boss asks you, "did you have fun?" Yes, we actually had a blast & should have cut out steps 2 & 3. But hey, it's just us going through the motions. But next time, I think I'm going to decline anyway.

Until next time, cheers.

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