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20 Lazy Girl Thoughts

I wish my mom was here to make me pancakes.

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1. I am not getting out of bed.

2. I am cancelling all plans tonight.

3. I am not going to answer my friend's texts right now.

4. I am calling in sick today & I feel no guilt.

5. I am watching the entire series of One Tree Hill on Netflix.

6. Okay, time to switch to Gossip Girl.

7. Aww, Chuck & Blair are so cute!

8. I am YouTubing top Chair moments.

9. An hour later... ugh, I want a Chuck.

10. Am I ever going to get my own Chuck Bass?

11. Should I get up?

12. Should I shower? Should I change?

13. Maybe I will go to the mall. Ugh, but that involves moving.

14. Should I clean?

15. Ugh, the weather. I am staying right where I am.

16. I should research vacation spots.

17. I should put away my laundry.

18. I should updste my blog.

19. How is it already 4 p.m.?

20. I have so much to do tomorrow.

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