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11 Emotions You Go Through While Shopping The Day After Christmas

We all hate it, but we all do it. Shopping the day after Christmas can and most likely will be torture. Get your elbows ready.

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1. Driving in the parking lot.

You are determined to find a parking space. Anywhere. Yet the person in front of you is taking their sweet precious time which is driving you insane. Better yet, they find a way to steal the parking spot you were eye-ing.

6.The salesperson makes a mistake.

Normally, you would be understanding. Normally, you wouldn't have an attitude. Normally, you wouldn't be rude. But today, all bets are off and you can't help your inner bitch from erupting.

8. The one thing you waited for to go on sale... is sold out.

The ONE thing. You said, "Oh l'll wait until after Christmas. It'll go on sale." And now, it's gone forever. Nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy.

9. Barista gave you the wrong coffee.

The one person you thought you could count on in this hard time and sadly, you were disappointed. It's so hard to keep it together without your favorite caffeinated beverage.

11. You managed to get a great deal.

Thank your lucky stars! Finally, after a day of agony, you made it out on top. It appears this long, torturous day was worth it. Give yourself a pat on the back, my friend. You did it.

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